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Standards eJuices

The Standard by Saveur Vape has an amazing list of e-juice flavors for vape users to enjoy. The Standard has taken it upon themselves to raise the bar on what to expect from vape juices and their flavors. The company offers intense blends, with unique, funky flavors, all with fun, unforgettable names. The Standard prides themselves on the quality of the product they provide to their consumers.

The names the Standard has chosen for their e-juices makes it hard to forget them once you have discovered them. The names of some the most popular flavors include Curious George, Cell Block Four, Thumper, Tater, G-35, Dead Man’s Party and Frankenvape. Some other names of some of their e-juices are Slow Mo, Irie Nights and F.U.E.S. The names the Standard has chosen to give to their juices are sure to draw consumers in and the quality of their product are sure to keep them.

urlThere is amazing amount of intensity found in the flavors of the Standards e-juices. The Curious George flavor has a taste of the banana Runts candy. The Cell Block Four is very flavorful and has the taste of a delicious, robust crème brulee with a light backdrop of a sweet vanilla cupcake and touches of citrus. Thumper’s flavor is a mixture of grape and blueberry and Tater taste like Neapolitan ice cream. The G-35 e-juice has a very tropical flavor that includes mango, coconut and pineapple with a backdrop of menthol to add freshness to the taste. The Dead Man’s Party e-juice is a full, deep taste of wild blueberries with a dash of blueberry lemonade with a lemon and cream undertone. The Frankenvape flavor is bursting with a fun combination of kiwi fruit and fluffy marshmallows. The Standard is known for the unique mixture of the flavors they use in their e-juices. Bringing together fun flavors that are not normally combined.


The e-juices provided by the Standard are considered to be some the best in the vape industry. Their amazing selection of flavors add to the reason of why the Standard has become so popular. Other reasons include how the e-juices are nicely bottled in sleek, 30 ml cube like glass bottles. This design makes them greatly stand out among the competition. The look of the bottle is even more chic with the artsy designs of the labels. The Standard has set a very high standard for what consumers should expect from the entire vape industry.


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